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Tips on How to Write a Keynote Speech That WOWs: Tip #1

Tip #1 when you write a keynote speech is...

It IS where you start... AND where you finish!

As a former professional dancer/choreographer, I coach my clients by driving home that YOU are a word choreographer every time you take to the privilege of the platform.

At Speakers School with client John Godoy

In public speaking of any kind, your start is as essential as your finish. A strong opening does not start with “good morning”, “thanks for inviting me” or any of the other blah blah blah that most presenters use. Start with a story, a quote, a question, a statistic, a name, date or place to grab the audience’s attention immediately. Finish with anyone of those same choices or anything else that has stickiness to it.

The point is the way you start AND the way you finish are very important in making you or your keynote speech memorable.

Your opening sets the tone, engages the audience immediately and invites each person to embark on the Hero’s Journey with you. To be the most engaging, I coach my clients on the 3W’s.

  1. Walk into position

  2. Wait for the audience’s attention/keep your Weight forward over the balls of your feet so you are grounded and will not rock or pace.

  3. WOW with your opening by choosing from the list above or a poem, magic, a video or other options other than, “thanks for being here!.”

Your closing puts the bow on the proverbial gift of your speech and sends people off with a message of inspiration, business brilliance or newly acquired acumen. Break a leg!

Are you in need of a speech coach? Contact me here to learn more about stepping up your speaking game and the various coaching options I offer.


Top Motivational Speaker Mikki Williams

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