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Your Vistage
What's Vistage?
Vistage member companies grow
2.2x faster
than average
small and midsize
U.S. businesses.

What's Vistage?

Dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives.

Vistage International is an invitation only, selection-based membership organization designed for companies wanting to experience exponential as opposed to organic growth and for individuals who are willing to be challenged to grow personally and professionally. Learn how to make better decisions, become a better leader and garner better results.

Contact Mikki for more info on membership anywhere in the world (she can nominate you), or if interested in becoming a Chair (she can nominate you), or becoming a Vistage speaker (she can convince you) :-)

... And we have fun!

Your Vistage Chair

Mikki Williams Vistage Chair Chicago.jpg

Mikki Williams is the Chair of two Chicago based executive peer advisory boards with Vistage International, the world’s leading executive organization, She leads Chief Executive 429 and Key Executive 760 and in so doing, earns the Chair Excellence honor annually. An award winning Master Chair, she is in the top 10% of Chairs nationwide and also serves as a trainer to the Chair community.

A Lifetime Achievement award winner, she is a legend in the Vistage community for her 25 years as an top tier resource speaker and 17 years as an inspiring Chair. She facilitates a vibrant, highly accountable, confidential environment with members who travel from as far away as Texas, New Hampshire, Iowa and Nebraska just to be a part of her successful, Chicago-based leadership teams.


Long time member, Bob Cole states, "From a practical perspective, Vistage is only as good as three key elements; the commitment of your fellow Vistage members, your courage to apply the insights gained and the ability of the Chair to mindfully manage each moment for maximum impact. Fortunately, I have been blessed to experience all three.”

Mikki's Groups


Chief Executive 429

Key Executive 760



"Imagine a, a team of professionals with different talents, varied business experiences, and approaches that you can rely on for smart business advice in managing, marketing, financing, operating, expanding, or selling your business. Imagine hundreds of noted expert speakers available to you in a small, intimate, Q-and-A format. Imagine a resource library of articles available to you on every subject that you will encounter in running your business. And then imagine a supportive team of people, your own Vistage group and Chair, that will ask you the tough questions, play devil's advocate, demand that you do the same for them, and hold each other accountable for the implementation of actions designed to make their businesses better. "

dave dastur

Senior Principal

Jensen & Halstead Ltd.


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