Mikki's one woman show

conceived, written & performed by

A one woman show
The one and only

Mikki Williams

The story behind the show!

August 2011, I saw Carrie Fisher do her one woman show, "Wishful Drinking" in Chicago. I had never seen a one person show, and I was mesmerized and inspired. Fast forward, 2013, I see a revival of Billy Crystal's one man show, "700 Sundays," and the torch was lit again. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men"... that fall into that abyss of never completed projects many of us have. And all the excuses that go with them... time, money, fear...

June 2016 Hotel Boulderado, Boulder, CO. I find myself in a breakout group with four powerhouse business leaders. The conversation somehow turns to things we haven't accomplished.

In the spirit of sharing, I admit to all of them that I always wanted to do a theatrical one woman show. Ah, accountability! The rest as they say is history!

Join me on a journey through my life as told through the shoes that defined each decade. Enjoy the ride!

Watch & donate Today!

Wanna' watch the show? Great! Grab your popcorn and your buddies for an hour of smiles.  You can view it here… SOON!! (Still getting music licensing) ALL proceeds are going to the Gabriel Durishin (my late husband, Jason’s Dad) Memorial Fund at Cornell University towards a football player’s scholarship in honor of his memory. Grateful to have your support. Enjoy the show!  BTW, it is R rated;-) primarily due to language .

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